We’re interested in Arts, Kindness & Social Change

People United is an innovative charity that explores how the arts and creativity can grow kindness, empathy and a sense of common humanity. We work with artists, academics and activists to explore the potential of the arts in making a difference in the world.

We create participatory experiences in all artforms

We believe that participating in the arts can be transformative in how we think, act and feel. Whether through visual art, performance, dance, film, theatre, spoken word or music, we place people - and the positive things that we all do - at the centre of our work.

We bring different kinds of people together

We aim to bring different kinds of people together - of all ages, backgrounds and interests - to develop meaningful interaction across social and cultural divides. Through the arts, we create conditions for kindness and social change.

From spontaneous singing to a steampunk time traveller

Our artist commissions are in full flow. From scratch choirs and awe-inspiring musical surprises at Manchester Museum, to the latest adventures of Steampunk Bob.

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Tell us what you think

We're always interested in hearing different people's thoughts about our work. We'd particularly like to know what you think of our new website. Please get in touch on our contact page or via Twitter @people_united.

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Tom Crompton & artist Dorothy Cross explore what we know about values, the influences that shape them & the tensions inherent in a discussion of art

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