We’re interested in Arts, Kindness & Social Change

People United is an innovative charity that explores how the arts and creativity can grow kindness, empathy and a sense of common humanity. We work with artists, academics and activists to explore the potential of the arts in making a difference in the world.

Need a space to think? Use our beach hut in Herne Bay

Individuals, organisations and groups are invited to use our Beach Hut 136 in Herne Bay, Kent free of charge.

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Arts & Kindness Week in Schools

Practising kindness in schools through creativity

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We create participatory experiences in all artforms

We believe that participating in the arts can be transformative in how we think, act and feel. Whether through visual art, performance, dance, film, theatre, spoken word or music, we place people - and the positive things that we all do - at the centre of our work.

We bring different kinds of people together

We aim to bring different kinds of people together - of all ages, backgrounds and interests - to develop meaningful interaction across social and cultural divides. Through the arts, we create conditions for kindness and social change.

Can you help us to be a catalyst for kindness?

Did you know you can donate to People United? As a small but bold charity your help is absolutely vital in helping us to continue to create more kind and caring schools and neighbourhoods across the country, celebrating the best of humanity and the best in people.

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It's our birthday!

People United are celebrating 10 years of arts and kindness. Find out more here.

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Will you take the Kindness Calendar Challenge?

Pledge your act for kindness for 2017 with our Kindness Calendar.

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Filmmaker Tim Knights has been catching up with previous artists and People United about the Artist Commissions programme.

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Kindness Calendar

Showcasing and inspiring poignant stories of kindness. Do you have a story?

Visit kindnesscalendar.com