November 4, 2015

A collaboration between artist/photographer Nicholas Godsell and artist/film maker Al Reffell

Nicholas and Al are keen to investigate some themes which have came up from an original starting point of Time and Tide. In the video below you can see them drawing in the hut, using the space for small and large-scale mark-making enquires into personal and interpersonal boundaries.

Al – “With passing of time comes transition – always – high tide to low – we are bounded to this passage of time, connected to this transitioning environment – working at ‘teatime’ for one week – day transitioning to night – twilight time – we are exploring these and other transitional spaces through mark making, staying with process, abandoning product, being curious about whatever shows up on the paper – investigation….and recording this process with time-lapse photography – marking paper, marking time.”

Nicholas – “Returning to the basics; the simple art of mark-making. A rekindled grounding in something familiar, yet slightly different. A new opportunity; working alongside another, taking our leads from one another. Engaging with the work, losing time, losing ourselves. Temporary inhabitants of a creative cave; a hut on the beach. The sea is our music, the situation our inspiration. Recording and documenting our successes and our mistakes, both large and small, in equal measure. Sharing a space, sharing a canvas, sharing an inquiry, sharing an experience. #sharing”

This is Al Reffell’s second residency at the beach hut, you can read about her previous time Wish I Were Here by clicking here.

People United’s Beach Hut 136 is available for individuals and community groups to use free of charge. Please visit our Beach Hut page for more information.

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