People United helps and supports individuals and organisations, large and small.  We work with arts organisations, voluntary organisations, community groups, local and national government, and individual artists.

We are an organisation with extensive experience of thinking, reflecting and running innovative projects; and we are keen to help others to develop their own work. We do not run projects for people; but we listen, advise, inspire, challenge and guide, so they can deliver their own programmes more effectively.

The most popular areas of guidance that we are involved in are:

  • Community engagement (including replication of our projects in different contexts)
  • Research and evaluation
  • Values in practice (within an organisation)
  • As a sounding board and critical friend
  • Reflection days in Canterbury
  • Talks and presentations

The defining characteristics of our guidance is our emphasis on starting with the positive, taking time to reflect and listen, being open and flexible, not pretending we know all the answers and being enthusiastic for imaginative change. These are typically led by Founder Associate Tom Andrews, Head of Creative Programmes Sarah Fox or one of our other associates (depending on your needs and requirements).

Whilst much of our advice is free, there is a charge for our consultancy work, such as our away days or evaluation.  If you would like to find out more, we’d be really happy to talk things through with you informally please contact us.