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People United’s Kindness Calendar is a new kindness model which will encourage everyone to share pledges of kindness and make the world a better place.

In our increasingly complex world where there are issues of displacement and integration, as well as intolerance towards others, kindness is something that can connect us all. With this tool, we want to encourage people to consider, reflect and celebrate kindness in creative ways – showing the best in people and the best in humanity.

The Kindness Calendar is a beautiful gallery showcasing and inspiring poignant acts of kindness from across the world. Visitors to the calendar can simply think of the act they want to do and who they would like to do it for, choose the date they want to do it and make the pledge in the 2016 calendar. When it has taken place they can then share what happened on the calendar and hopefully encourage someone else to do the same.

There are already lots of heart-warming stories on the calendar for inspiration. Stories can be about an act of kindness pledged, witnessed, given or received.  

Visit now to add your kindness pledge or story.

People United’s concept of kindness: “arises from a sense of people being connected by force of our common humanity. It encompasses notions of compassion, social justice, neighbourliness and respect for others.”
Arts and Kindness, by People United

Kindness displays our humanity and builds positive connections through our ability to feel empathy for those in need. From a small act of kindness such as paying for a stranger’s coffee or being more thoughtful in our daily connections with colleagues, to donating blankets to refugees or money to a crisis appeal, the recipients of kindness benefit in a range of ways.


Being kind has positive benefits for the giver too; that warm glow and feel-good factor we feel after donating to a good cause produces oxytocin which reduces blood pressure and makes for a healthier heart. We feel happier and experience a natural high. Kindness also reduces the emotional distance between people, increases bonds and encourages new relationships.

IMG_8076Kindness not only benefits the receiver and the giver but also the observer. After witnessing a kind act we experience a warm feeling that psychologist, Jonathan Haidt calls ‘elevation’ and describes it as a “warm feeling in the chest, a sensation of expansion in [the] heart, an increased desire to help, and increased sense of connection with others.” It is, in his words, “a manifestation of humanity’s ‘higher’ or ‘better’ nature.” We are then more likely to replicate these acts, therefore a single act of kindness can spur dozens more.