Hut 136 on the West Beach, Herne Bay is a space to take a little time out to reflect and develop new ideas. The beach hut is a quiet, creative and welcoming place. It is available to individuals, community and social groups who want to think about how they can make the world a better place (locally or globally).

With help from local young people, Canterbury Volunteer Centre and Canterbury City Council People United have repaired, decorated and maintained the hut to make it a home from home. Inside you will find an armchair, pictures and mementos left by past residents, Hut 136 is the perfect place to get away from it all.

People Untied offers use of Hut 136 free of charge, you don’t have to be an artist or a creative- it’s open for anyone to apply for! We offer a variety of options from monthly residencies to one-off visits. So if you need a space to develop your ideas please get in touch or download an application form (right).

People Untied would like to thank Canterbury City Council for allowing us to continue to use the hut.

The Children’s Centre in Herne Bay organised a Picnic at the beach hut for local families. We first went for a long walk by the sea and then went to the hut to have our picnic and play time…The Children’s Centre would like to use the hut again in the future, it made our families realise that you can have a lovely day out and enjoy yourself without having to spend a lot.

Daniela Mandala, Community Involvement Worker

To discover the stories and experiences of previous residencies please visit the Hut 136 blog.