People United’s Beach Hut 136 is a place to escape and think.

We welcome individuals, organisations and community groups to use the space free of charge.

Hut 136 is a quiet, creative and welcoming place located on Herne Bay’s West Beach. Inside you will find an armchair, pictures and mementos left by past residents. Hut 136 is the perfect place to get away from it all. You might come for a day, a week, a month or longer.

Hut 136 by Pedro Serrano 1Individuals: You could be an artist, poet, chef or explorer. We welcome everyone! In the past individuals have used Hut 136 to run free workshops, host exhibitions, write stories, create films and engage with passers-by.

Community/social groups & organisations: Visit Hut 136 as a group to mull over a new idea, plan your next project or think about how you can make the world a better place. In the past groups and organisations have used the hut for GCSE drama classes, community picnics and team meetings.

“You read all of the guestbook entries and realise that this beach hut allows you to think and just be” GCSE Student, Herne Bay High School

To discover the stories and experiences of previous residencies please visit the Hut 136 blog.

If you’re interested in spending time at Hut 136 download and fill in our short form (top of this page on the right) and return it to [email protected].

We’d love to chat with you, if you have any questions about the form or Hut 136 please give us a call on 01227 811800 or drop us an email [email protected]

People United would like to thank Canterbury City Council for allowing us to continue to use the hut.