Sing Your Heart Out was a fun and uplifting singing group for Thanet, for people of all ages. It was a great opportunity to bring friends and family to enjoy singing songs of love and kindness from around the world together.

Everyone was welcome to come along with no auditions, no need to be able to read music and no previous experience necessary.

After only six sessions Sing Your Heart Out made its debut at Best Fest in Newington, Ramsgate on 31 July 2016. The group was extremely popular with audiences and was a big hit at the festival.

The group was led by Natural Voice Practitioner Jodi Watson. Following a BTEC in Performing Arts from Thanet College, Jodi gained a 1:1 degree in Theatre Practice from the Central School of Speech and Drama.  Jodi then became engrossed in Community Arts practice at Welfare State International in Cumbria, a radical arts company who pioneered the community arts movement.

Anything involving a sharing of positive live energy between people is Jodi’s passion and since 2008 she has been developing her skills for creating vocal harmony amongst communities of people singing songs from around the world.

This is what some of the members of the singing group said about why they attended:

To make new friends.

Forget all my worries of normal life.

To sing with people of all ages.

Because the songs we sing are really very different.

Because of our brilliant teacher Jodi who makes you feel as if you are the best singers ever, and makes you feel relaxed and wanting you to learn more songs.

Singing makes me happy; I always have a smile on my face at the end of a session. They are a lovely friendly group of people.

Benefits of group singing is known to:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Release pain relieving endorphins
  • Exercise your lungs
  • Tone intercostal muscles, facial muscles and your diaphragm
  • Benefit your heart and circulation by improving aerobic capacity and decreasing muscle tension
  • Open your sinuses and respiratory tubes
  • Engage and exercise cognitive ability
  • Help regain balance
  • Boost self-esteem, confidence and sense of well-being
  • Uplift and energise your mood
  • Evoke emotional expression
  • Encourage a sense of community by bringing people together
  • Offer a social forum for sharing and laughter

The singing group was facilitated by People United who worked with Newington Big Local on the Best of Us project, a community led arts project celebrating positive, kind and generous stories of Newington.