January 15, 2012

A bright blue autumn sky. Perfect for blue skies thinking and to inspire thoughts for our new Bright Skies drama clubs.

Bright Shadow knows what its priorities are so as soon as we arrived at the hut and before we got going on the serious work we cracked out the camping stove and made a brew. The aim of our day was to spend some time planning the next year and re-evaluating the direction of the company. Fun stuff!! Well actually it is. The day to day running of a company normally consists of answering emails, writing funding bids, rehearsing, performing, it’s fun but its busy and it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. So every now and then we like to pop our head up out of the canopy and take some time to see the bigger picture.

A nice stroll along the beach gave us time to reflect on the highs and lows of the past year and come up with some goals for the next one. We put these together to come up with the bare bones of a 5 year plan. Revised business plan here we come!

After a walk into town to sample some beachfront fare for lunch (and to pick up an internet signal) we settled down for some more specifics and another cup of tea. We ended the day with a little daydreaming, gazing out over the sun kissed pebbles onto the pier imagining what delights the next year (or two) are going to hold for us.

Bright Shadow started its career in Herne Bay so it only seems fitting that as we incorporate as a company and ‘start again’ we spend some time in this town. The place of so many inspirations in the past it was wonderful to be able to spend some time on this familiar sea front gathering some more.

So a BIG thank you to People United for providing us with the perfect location to dream big and plan detail. We couldn’t have asked for a better day or a sweeter little hut! We left two very bright little shadows!

Bright Shadow


The beach is available for individuals and community groups to use. Please visit our Beach Hut page for more information.

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