September 6, 2012

The Children’s Centre in Herne Bay organised a Picnic at the beach hut for local families. We first went for a long walk by the sea and then went to the hut to have our picnic and play time.

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The families and the members of the Poppy team brought a picnic, we also provided some drinks, parachute and some beach toys that the children could play with. Only two families attended the Picnic, however, both families really enjoyed their experience at the Hut. The mums had the chance to chat and play with their children, the atmosphere was really relaxed and happy.

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The families appreciated and enjoyed the day, it was very relaxing looking at the calm sea and hearing the sound of the water brushing the pebbles. One of the older children was playing in a little puddle and throwing pebbles in the sea.

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We sat on the beach and read the comments book together and wrote a message on it. The hut inside is really welcoming and well decorated. We all had the chance to sit on the armchair and look at the sea.

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The feeling that the majority of people experienced was an inner peace, we felt really calm and relaxed. Our experience of the hut was very therapeutic.

The Children’s Centre would like to use the hut again in the future, it made our families realise that you can have a lovely day out and enjoy yourself without having to spend a lot.

Daniela Mandala, Community Involvement Worker

The beach is available for individuals and community groups to use. Please visit our Beach Hut page for more information.

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