October 23, 2012

Could arts be a ‘superconductor’ for kindness?

Written in association with the Centre for the Study of Group Processes at the University of Kent, this paper is for practitioners, arts professionals, policy makers, researchers, funders, and all those who have a passion for building kinder, more caring communities.

Much is claimed for the transformative power of the arts.  Driven by curiosity and a desire to understand how our work can be more effective we have been exploring those claims and examining them more closely. Drawing on evidence and research across a range of academic disciplines including psychology, sociology, philosophy, economics and neuroscience, this paper proposes a model for how the arts might create the conditions for kindness to grow.

People United thinks the arts have an important and unique role to play in exploring questions of kindness and inspiring change. This paper is just the beginning of our exploration, and we look forward to your creative ideas and thoughts on how we might develop it further. To read the paper, download it from here.

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