February 4, 2013

We always hope our projects and research will have a multiplier effect and a real legacy both in the places in which we work, and the wider community. So, we were delighted when we were able to welcome a delegation from Oldham who had heard about the We All Do Good Things project in Herne Bay, and wanted to find out how they could use some of our learning in their own community. The group comprised of arts representatives from Oldham Council and a community representative from a women’s support group.  We spent a day together sharing People United’s work and practices, describing our key learning from the project, and explaining the theories behind our work.  We were also really pleased to invite Colleen Ashwin-Kean from Herne Bay in Bloom to share her experiences of the project and in particular the Giant Picnic. The group were keen to discuss how these ideas and principles could be replicated in Oldham, while still being flexible and adaptive to local needs and context. It was a packed day but enjoyable and we’re looking forward to supporting the nascent ideas to flourish over the following months.

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