February 28, 2013

9 April, 2013

What does ‘belonging’ look like during an ice hockey training session?

Each player is represented by a puck.

Ice Hockey 2013 by Janetka Platun

28 February, 2013


London is often described as a cold, unfriendly place. I want to question this perception in an ever-changing public ice rink in Brixton. I will look at how a sense of connection in society can be encouraged and made visible. My residency will also explore how territorial and interactive relationships, under the lights of a frozen stage, can act as a metaphor for how we live our lives and how we find ways of belonging.

My projects attempt to challenge orthodox ideas about people, places and the status quo by igniting dynamic creative interventions. I hope this will be particularly poignant in Brixton. Like all my projects my aim will be to create work that poses questions about our moral relationship to our surroundings. My art starts from the premise that our phenomenological perspective and the world around us changes in time and according to our sociological context.

I’m interested in Socratic approaches of learning together to enable creative risks to emerge, where we can understand and visualise different ways in which we belong and how value can be found in unexpected places and in unexpected ways.

Workshop at the National Theatre by Janetka Platun 2

I’ve been thinking about why we leave marks, trails, tracks. Does our evolution require us to leave traces so we can find our way back to where we belong? Hansel and Gretel laid a trail of white pebbles and waited for the moon to rise so they could follow the pebbles back home. Even though they were abandoned, they wanted to return to where they felt they belonged.

I’d like to digitally and physically visualise the marks left by the public on Brixton Ice Rink. I’m currently researching digital mapping technology and photo-luminescent products that can leave a glowing trace of the ice skaters movements.

Workshop at the National Theatre by Janetka Platun 3

                                                                                           08800_2003_001.tif Improvement on Skates patent drawing by Robert E. Ellerbeck 1/7/1867 RG 241 Patent #61409 2/26/03, 2:45 PM, 8C, 8000x10660 (0+0), 100%, Default Settin, 1/30 s, R20.5, G2.4, B8.2

The brief for my commission says:

“We are looking for an artist who is open to working in an exploratory practice, and who is willing to take risks. We are excited by artists whose practice pushes the concept of theatre making. This might involve cross-art form working, and will definitely involve experimentation and a willingness to share their practice with others.”

My current experiment is trying to convert a saline drip bag into a mechanism that will leave a trail of photo-luminescent sand or paint from an ice skate….

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