February 7, 2013

Sarah Fox, People United’s Project Manager, gives an insight into a project that has been going on quietly behind the scenes…

A lovely project that we are currently working on is the development of a kindness badge aimed at all Brownies and Guides in order to promote the value of kindness. We have been trialling our ideas with two brownie and guide groups in Kent: Hampton Guides and the 1st Shorncliffe Gurkha Brownies and Guides.

Here’s what Julie Larner, unit leader for 1st Shorncliffe Gurkha Brownies and Guides had to say about the girls taking part:

“1st Shorncliffe Gurkha Brownies and Guides completed the kindness badge over three meetings, with the girls also choosing to carry out some of their kindness challenges at home and at school in their own time.  The Guides organised a game for the Brownies based on themes of friendship and both groups chose to create a bake sale for each other.  They love cooking and eating! The Brownies brought in cookies and decorated gift bags to sell them in, and the Guides baked some spectacular looking cakes.  They sold the cookies and cakes to each other and their parents.”


The money raised was donated to The British Red Cross after a unit vote.  The girls also collected second hand clothing and toys and asked us to donate these to the local Red Cross charity shop.  They also donated tinned foods which we delivered to the local Rainbow Centre for people who are homeless and socially excluded.

To discover kindness more widely we played a game that involved guessing some famous kind people from a series of clues.  All of the famous people were suggested by the girls.  The leaders learned a few things too!  Lastly they created a collage of newspaper cuttings featuring stories of kindness from local and national newspapers, not such an easy task!

“Overall the girls enjoyed the challenge and related well to themes of friendship, charity and love.  We also had some good conversations around kindness to animals and to the environment.”

I went to visit the girls in November and they were so positive about the challenge. They showed me the work they had done, and told me about how they had completed the badge and were at their most enthusiastic when talking about kind role models in the media.


Although we do still need to make some changes to improve how we communicate the ideas, we’re excited about taking it further. Our next step is to get the girls to help design the actual kindness badge itself!

If you know of any Girl Guide or Brownie units who would be interested in testing out the challenge, please email [email protected]

Sarah Fox

  1. Hi Sarah, I wonder if we could do the Kindness Challenge at Trefoil Guild? I woud be very interested to know what the challenge entails?

    Thank you


  2. Hi Elspeth,

    There are four different sections to the challenge exploring kindness from different perspectives. We do suggest ideas, but you can also come up with your own challenges and/or amend the ones we have proposed to suit your circumstances.

    I will email you the syllabus – it would be great to get some of the Trefoil Guild taking part. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

    Sarah (Project Manager)

  3. Good evening, I am a leader at a local rainbow and brownie unit – I have come across your kindness challenge badge online. Do you still have these badges for sale? Thanks vikki 😀

    • Dear Vikki,

      Many apologies for the delay in our response. For some reason your email had filtered into our spam folder and we have only just received it.
      Are you still interested in purchasing the badges? The kindness challenge has proved really positive so far with groups exploring the challenge from various perspectives and it would be great to have another local group involved.

      If you would like to know more you can download the syllabus and badge order form here: http://peopleunited.org.uk/project/kindness-challenge-badge/ from the right hand panel. Please let us know if you need any more information. Sorry again for the delay!

      Have a great day.


      People United (Author)

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