July 17, 2013

Wednesday 17th July

As part of my commission I decided to have a Philosophical Inquiry (PI) in the gallery, which was initiated with the question: can art change the world? New questions were posed, and ‘do we all need objects because we are scared?’ was chosen.

30 myriad perspectives on things I’ve been musing over, and things I haven’t – such as the role of the object in and of itself in relation to values, rather than my approach to use the objects as catalysts for conversations about cooperation, materialism and ethics.

The process of cooperating in the process of PI, the dis/agreeing, the ‘politeness’, (which I saw more as respect), the dissent – how people’s values were demonstrated in the conversation about what PI is for.

The complexities embedded in a conversation about values – personal, social, political… how they overlap and get entangled.

The fact that there was only one man – is this topic gendered?

Three snapshots of my drawings installed in the gallery, which will slowly become filled (I hope) with visitors’ ‘analogue tweets’:

Skyquakes in Ear Trumpets (outside Foyle Room 3)

The New Mineral (opposite the lockers)

A cloudburst of material possessions (adjacent to entrance to Curiosity)

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