July 30, 2013

Tuesday 23rd July


The missing image I didn’t get a chance to photograph last week:
Los Alamos National Laboratory Rolodexes (adjacent to lift on first floor)


So far 13 people have given me their time: 4 women working in the arts last week, and 9 this week – 2 women working in the arts, an artist, a family who see exhibitions as a family, and a local husband and wife who aren’t so keen on Turner Contemporary.

“deep democracy, sitting in someone else’s no”

“nothing works without co-operation”

“if you resist other people’s ideas you can end up feeling drained”

“there is a fear of mortality in the collecting process”

“what is the difference between collecting and hoarding”

“what happens when the cabinet is full, the acquisition, care and disposal of objects takes more time and emotional reflection than some might think”

“something as simple as a 70s rolodex has made us think differently”

“when we look at the rolodexes are we looking at the record of human failure”

“consider the different morals around collecting – has this changed with time and culture”

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