August 5, 2013

As part of the Duchamp Festival taking place in Herne Bay until 17th August, local artists Karen Simpson and Jenny Samuels have created an Inside Out installation at Hut 136.

The installation aims to challenge perceptions of what we expect to see and what happens when we are confronted with something out of context with the environment in which it is presented.

The beach hut is available to individuals and community groups. Find out more on our Beach Hut page.

 Deckchair inHut 2

Hut 4

Hut 136 and Bike

  1. Hello again
    I hope you picked up my message in the wrong place.
    Anyway it’s worth more than one thankyou.
    Absolutely brilliant and what an act of faith, the local vandals left it untouched, must have been gobsmacked
    Thanks again
    Adrian Webb.

    Adrian Webb
  2. Adrian,
    Thanks for your two comments – it’s good to know that people enjoyed and appreciated the installation from the Marcel Duchamp Festival.

    Frances (Author)

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