August 8, 2013

What is the value of materialism?
Do we have a right to own things at the cost of other people’s wellbeing?
Who’s affected by what we buy?
How much responsibility do we have when we consume?
Do we have a choice in how we consume?
Why does our desire for things make us spend money irrationally?
What is the difference between a collection of personal objects and the other objects we own?
Should we stop buying and make do and mend?
Is it progress to own the latest thing?
Are we hard wired to consume, collect and accumulate?
Can being greedy ever be good?
The ethics of hoarding?
What is happening emotionally when we accumulate things?

What is the value of cooperation?
Do we really actively listen when someone is talking or are we more interested in getting our own point across?
What makes us speak out or stay silent?
What if we don’t like what we hear?
Is it important to persuade someone to agree with us?
Can conflict be constructive?
What happens when you’re misunderstood?
Should everyone’s perspective be taken into consideration?
How do we balance leadership with autonomy?
What happens if someone thinks they are more important than everyone else?
Should we get permission to speak?
Is cooperating more important than being in charge?
What happens if we don’t learn to negotiate?
Is it possible to cooperate with people we strongly disagree with?
Is it right if someone had to be inauthentic to cooperate?
Should the loudest/strongest person always be allowed to ‘win’?
Does your viewpoint ever not matter?
What motivates people to argue?
How much is our self esteem/worth/importance caught up in our opinions?
Is honesty always the best policy?

What is the value of ethics?
How is our culture influencing the choices we make?
Does free will exist?
What are we hiding/protecting ourselves from?
Is it okay to fight for the opposite of what you spent your life/career creating?
What happens when we feel compromised by someone else’s ethics?
Should we learn to negotiate our differences?
How do we make sure what matters to us is not ignored?
How do you persuade people you are right?
What in your life do you feel most strongly about?
Should we conform?
What happens when we don’t speak out when we know something is wrong?
Where do our guiding principles come from? Do we inherit them?
Do our guiding principles change? If they do, when do they change?
Is it okay to hide what we believe in?
How/when do you know when to speak out?
Should we all ‘wear are hearts on our sleeves’?
Are we all responsible for the injustices in the world?
Does it matter that things are unequal in life?
Is a gallery a good place to learn how to reason?
Is strongly disliking something useful?
How and why does art make us ask why?

My train journey from Margate, talking to a family who went to Curiosity and took part in a moment of your time on the train!


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