September 17, 2013

Thank you all for coming. I’m Sarah Woods, I’m a playwrighter. For some of you, this is the second time we’ve met in this strange configuration, where I stand in front of you and try to be informative, interesting and entertaining on the subject of empathy. For some of you, it’s the first time. And if it is your first time, I need to be clear with you that this isn’t your common or garden Roadshow.

We were privileged to see the transformed performance of The Empathy Roadshow alongside individuals who had generously shared their stories and experiences following the first set of performances in July. The piece, which combined filmed footage with live performance, was the result of Sarah’s research around empathy, one of the mediators we identify in our Arts and Kindness paper. Looking at empathy in the context of ‘feeling someone else’s pain’, imitation and learning, and perspective taking (amongst others), Sarah has created a performance that juxtaposes a wider scientific narrative with personal, everyday stories.

One audience member commented:

The concept of empathy is something that we think of everyday however I did not expect that the same crowd who felt like strangers before the show felt like people in common on leaving.

We would like to thank every person who shared their story with Sarah, and to all those who came along to the performance.

If you missed The Empathy Roadshow, there is still a chance to see it at Artsadmin in London on Thursday 17 October 2013. For full details go to Artsadmin.

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