October 9, 2013

Tuesday 8 October, 2013

It’s a peculiar practice being a freelance artist. On every project I approach people I’ve never met before and ask them to go on a creative journey with me. Mystery and trust play their part. It’s always a leap of faith for everyone involved. But somehow it works.

Janetka Platun, Figure of 8, 2013 new

The ending of a project brings up previously unrealised thoughts.  I accompanied some of the skaters on their GPS recordings, and found myself saying goodbye in parts of London I had never been to before. It’s intriguing going on someone else’s journey, then having to figure out how to get back home. I didn’t foresee this happening; it was a consequence of the process. I hope the skaters who took part had a similar experience. I hope they too were surprised by this unexpected journey, and experienced something new and unfamiliar.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 16.24.19 by Janetka Platun

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