October 22, 2013

I was so glad to have attended the first ever Living Room event. It was a wonderful atmosphere, the decor really did feel like a living room, non-intimidating and welcoming. Also welcoming was the generous, delicious food. We were stuffed!

It was heartening to see so many people who were interested in empathy and from so many different personal and professional walks of life too. Who knew?
I had some immensely stimulating conversations and that was before we’d even heard from the guest speakers Sarah Woods and Professor Christian Keysers. They really were the piece de resistance. The way they work, so differently, yet come together was truly fascinating. They communicated what they do so well and really engaged with the audience. I have a particular interest in the neuroscience of empathy and to be able to hear from, speak to and ask questions of such an eminent professor in this field was a rare treat. I learned a great deal.
The programming and chairing of the event was very smooth, no mean feat.
I can’t believe the cost either. £6 for scrumptious plentiful food, a warm and intimate atmosphere, fascinating pioneering guest speakers, great company and a squishy couch was a bargain and no doubt made the event more inclusive than it might otherwise have been. Thank you. More please!

Marnie Summerfield Smith, ghostwriter yourmemoir.co.uk

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