November 19, 2013

The artists’ commissions for 2013 are coming to a close and we are fortunate to have two pieces of work reflecting on the themes and the experiences of the artists, participants and the People United team.

Phoebe Marsh, our learning artist who is at the beginning of her career, has recorded a second podcast discussing her questions about the themes of the commissions and how the other artists approached these. She has shown particular interest in participatory arts and meaningful interactions after spending time with Maria Amidu, Sarah Woods and Janetka Platun. Please take a few minutes out of your busy day to listen to the musings of this young artist who is finding her way through the labyrinth of her chosen profession. Listen to the podcast here.

We brought the artists and partners together for an away day at the end of September and asked spoken word poet Dan Simpson to create a poem based on his research of the organisation, our Arts and Kindness paper and the deliberations of the away day. We are delighted with the results and hope you are too. You can listen to Dan performing the poem here

Here’s a little snippet:

“It takes guts to be gentle and kind”

and at first the term kindness
can seem rather lightweight
because it’s concise but ambiguous
a peculiar practice
like joy, happiness or wonder.
A leap of faith for
arts professionals
policy makers
it’s the chicken that creates the egg from which it was born.

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