November 1, 2014

Emma Geraghty writes about her experiences of taking part  in Wonderstruck


Wonderstruck has two aspects which always fill me with wonder. How appropriate. The first is music, and the second is people. The combination of the two is remarkable.

I am lucky enough to be part of the guerilla choir (not the gorilla choir, that’s something entirely different and equally as impressive) for this project, which takes place in Manchester Museum in a few weeks. There are five choirs of all shapes and sizes, and we will be joining forces and voices to fill the museum with a vocalisation of wonder,

That’s one thing you always notice about museums, isn’t it? The quiet. The same quiet that settles in art galleries and lurks in the corners of old buildings. The quiet is sometimes seen as a respect for the other visitors, letting everyone experience the place as they wish, to take in the information and to bask in the glow of the past, present and future. But what if we want to experience it a little differently? What if we want to shout about what we see? What if we want to sing about what we learn?

Well, then. That’s what we will do.

I cannot begin to say how excited I am about this project. The first rehearsal for the guerilla choir is tomorrow, and I will try to document it as best I can.

And I must apologise for such a short post. My bed is calling to me. And I want to be as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for tomorrow’s fill of music and people.

Singing. In a museum. Madness of the best kind.

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