November 17, 2014

And one day we’ll realise we are all gods
With the power to change the whole world

Gods song, Wonderstruck

So, that’s it. Done. Two weeks, four shows and hundreds – yes, hundreds – of audience members, and it all seems so quick. Wonderstruck is over. And I can tell you now, this post will not be extensive. It won’t be the last post I do on here either. I think the magnitude of what we’ve just done deserves more than my tired brain can muster at the moment.

This is a toast. This is a smile. This is a thank you letter, of sorts.

Dan. For your endless enthusiasm, your daft warm ups and for planting the seeds of this entire thing. For your words, in both lyrics and stories, and your loud voice. For the guitar and the get-up-and-go that was always present, even when you were ill and probably wanted nothing more than a duvet and a cup-a-soup.  Thanks.

Sarah. For the constant smiling and boundless positivity, for the crystal clear voice in the choir. For building this idea into a solid, doable thing. For running around a museum after lost choirs, and being the best autoroute we could have had in such a confusing space. For being a powerhouse with cool shoes. Thanks.

Boff. For the music, the music, the music. For your patience and confidence in your choirs. For the melodies, harmonies, and remembering the lyrics ninety percent of the time. For your consistent humour and conducting in a polar bear mask. For making five choirs sound like they’d been singing together for years instead of days. Thanks.

Josh. For getting involved in everything, and enjoying it all. For being upbeat and chatty with everyone whether they liked it or not. For your words in Living Worlds and for involving Nicholas Cage. For your strong voice. For making me join this amazing project. Thanks.

People United. For making this project happen, for braving the wild North West to join us. For being ordinary people doing extraordinary things. For showing that the arts matter. For believing that we can do the amazing. Thanks.

Anna Bunney. For the invisible organisation of a million different things at once. For joining in with the choir even when you were being hailed on the walkie talkie. For the endless supply of tea, coffee and biscuits for an endless amount of people. Thanks.

Manchester museum and the volunteers. For being there, for dealing with us, for running with this project wherever it went. For joining in. Thanks.

She choir, Ordsall Acapellas, Network choir, Golden Voices, the other Guerrillas, and the keen performers. For raising your voices and giving your all, and for having a fantastic time. For making it magical. Thanks.

We really did it.



Emma Geraghty is taking part in Wonderstruck and has been writing about her experiences. You can find out more about Emma on her Voices of Wonder website.

Thank you to Manchester Museum Learning for the image.


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