March 3, 2015

People United is delighted to have the opportunity to support, work with, and learn from Happy Museum for the next year. As a long-term admirer of their pioneering work, we are excited about the possibilities of a shared working relationship. We are grateful to Arts Council England in supporting this partnership and the development of the Happy Museum project in the forthcoming year.

Central to People United’s mission is our role as a catalyst and enabler. We want to provide the space, support and structure to enable Happy Museum to progress sustainably into their next phase. We are looking forward to working with colleagues that share our values, and together we hope that our mutual support can inspire others and demonstrate a cooperative model of resilience.

From the team at Happy Museum
“We are very excited about working in alliance with People United. We have been meeting for some months to discuss areas of common ground and potential joint projects. These discussions led to People United hosting the Happy Museum Away Day with the whole team in September 2014 from which a 5-year Happy Museum plan emerged.

Although having distinct missions and structures we share much common ground in thinking and approach to active citizenship, resilience and values of community and collaboration (as opposed to consumerism and commodification). Happy Museum will benefit greatly from the support of an established and respected NPO such as People United in this bridging year helping us to reflect, consolidate and build organisational capacity as a base for our 5 year plan. In the longer term a period of closer working will allow us to share networks and profile and raises the potential for future innovative joint projects.”

Happy Museum places its thinking firmly in the context of, and in response to, global challenges: climate change, resource depletion, financial instability and social justice. In this context there is a vital need to develop resilience in museums, in the individuals and communities who use them and in wider society as a whole.

People United is excited about this mutual collaboration and the possibilities of reaching and supporting museums across the country.

See for more information about the Happy Museum Project


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