August 21, 2015

The last post was all about digital technologies, but at the end of the day, there’s nothing easier to work with than good old fashioned arts and crafts supplies. Eventually, my hope is to combine the digital light projection painting with traditional paper and plasticine. We’ll have to see how that goes. Until then, here’s a photo of the usual jumble of materials the miniature universe making starts with:


I had the opportunity to go rummaging through the skip (dumpster diving, as we call it in America) at the Royal College of Art the weekend after school had ended and studios had been cleared out. It was a spectacular collection of form making materials. The more unidentifiable the better. The materials I brought with me were added to by materials students brought from home and found outside in the play yard. It’s a neverending process of trying to figure out the ultimate shopping list for imagination-making materials.

Here’s an example of one I made with my friend Annlin Chao in just a couple hours. We limited our materials to cotton balls, paper, and fishing wire and were able to tell a nice and simple story: Click here to watch the video


Find out more about Goldie’s commission and miniature universes by visiting the Imagination project page.

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