August 13, 2015

This blog post has been a long time coming. We started out three months ago with a vague mission to explore the collective imagination of children and their families. Since then, we’ve hosted events and workshops in classrooms, pop-up museums, school festivals, and even a Mini Maker Faire. It’s been quite a journey learning about the creatures and universes that live inside of everyone’s heads: ranging from 4 year olds to their older but no less imaginative parents and grandparents. Here’s a quick sampling of some of the mini-imaginary universes that we’ve built in our workshops:


How do you capture the contents of an imagination? My first approach was to try out tools to create “moving pictures”–since that’s sort of how I think of the images in my own head. They’re often a bit blurry, but my imagination is made up of a mix of realistic and fantastic movie sets with a host of characters meandering in and out. On the left is our very first workshop where the children and young people make mini-models of how they imagine future cities, and then film them using the Vine app, an app that let’s you make short 6 second stop-motion animation films that loop continuously.

It was such a fun and easy way to make short little stories. More on how the first workshop evolved into the following workshops in the next post!

Find out more about Goldie’s commission and miniature universes by visiting the Imagination project page.

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