August 6, 2015

And so today I really started to enjoy myself. I was talking to Sarah Fox, the creative producer at People United, a few weeks ago, and she asked me how I was feeling about the project. I said I was finding it interesting, challenging, often frustrating, (as I said in my last post) and that though I was enjoying it overall (if enjoyment is the right word or indeed even aim for the process of making) what I hadn’t done yet was fallen in love with it. It was yet to occupy all my thoughts. Or perhaps not all my thoughts, I have a classic multi-tasking life and my thoughts are often required elsewhere but….the most satisfying work is when it is so interesting that whenever there is a gap it pops into mind, a word can spark a connection, every news article feels like it’s linked somehow  – basically it’s what you think about whenever you can.

And now I feel I’ve reached that point. And all because I’ve started talking to people at the Royal Festival Hall. Instead of me talking to people from the screens (though they are still playing) I’m talking to the people who work there, the people who are passing by, the dancers rehearsing, the people running businesses from their laptops. I have a question I ask….’What would prompt you to talk to a stranger?’ and then I listen – and then, frequently, we carry on talking because it’s so interesting. Not everyone wants to talk at length, but from the briefest comment to the longest conversation I can safely say I’m really enjoying myself.

I’m going to use the answers in a video, so I’m not revealing any here yet. But what I can reveal is that from talking to some of the regulars I now know that people are watching the screens, they are looking up, they are talking to each other about what I’m saying, thinking about it, which is really heartening.

I’d thought this week I might not produce another video until near the end but actually after today I think I’m going to make one tomorrow, specially for the ghosts on the green side!

Sarah Carne’s This is a Public Service Announcement is taking place during the Festival of Love (6 June – 31 August 2015) at Southbank Centre.

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