October 14, 2015

It’s been a while since the Festival of Love ended but I’ve not been resting. The thinking that this commission has prompted, or extended, hasn’t been resting. It has fed into my ongoing work, sprouting new branches of thought.

My colleagues at Tate, where I work part-time, would laugh at me referring to sprouts – it’s a reference I’m currently sneaking in everywhere. Brussels aside, in the main I’m referring, or at least taking as my starting point, the maths game in which connections are made between dots. It was invented by mathematicians John Horton Conway and Michael S Paterson and is explained here.

What I like is that since being introduced to it by the composer Keith Johnson (you can listen to his work here) the connections that have sprung up have linked, in my head at least, many of the different projects and ideas I’m thinking about. Although it may well be apophenia (@LindaStupart) it allows for some creative piggybacking and prompting and new avenues, which suits the way my research ranges, pulling in ideas from different sources, pushing old ideas in new directions, joining up previously disparate people or thoughts. This blog a case in point.

Sprout the game is finite, but you can start with as many points as you wish, so it can last a long time. This particular phase of the commission has ended but I hope the connections it has prompted will keep multiplying.

I also have a more succinct point to make.

The Love commission required me to make connections. In my own work, how I work, who I work with, but most importantly with the people of the Royal Festival Hall. In trying to make an artwork that prompted connections, for me the most successful element was having to talk to people on site and the conversations that occurred. Their contributions are hugely appreciated.

Sarah Carne’s This is a Public Service Announcement took place during the Festival of Love (6 June – 31 August 2015) at Southbank Centre. 


  1. Great Blog Post. Will have to take up on a game of Sprouts!

    Michaela Clayton

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