November 9, 2015

Artist-in-residence Nova Marshall reflects on her time so far in Newington working with the local people on The Best of Us.

Looking back at when The Best of Us started, those Thursday evening Creative Champions meetings were attended by just a handful of people. Our last meeting before Best Fest the session was lively and energetic – full of people chatting, drawing, badge making, drinking tea and eating Jaffa cakes!

My work as an artist focuses on collaboration and participation – working together with others and building positive relationships. The Creative Champions and the community of Newington have embraced me, and the project, with such positivity and energy. They have worked really hard and shown great dedication and commitment. This is why The Best of Us has been so successful to date. It’s not my project, it’s our project.

I no longer feel a stranger in Newington but a member of the community.

Nova Marshall is our artist-in-residence for The Best of Us project in Newington. You can read more about the project by visiting The Best of Us project page.


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