February 29, 2016

IMG_8081On this special leap year day, why not make a pledge to do a wonderful act of kindness with our new and unique Kindness Calendar?  This is a beautiful gallery showcasing and inspiring poignant acts of kindness from across the world. Simply think of the act you want to do and who you would like to do it for, choose the date you want to do it and make the pledge in the 2016 calendar. Then encourage someone else to do the same!

There are already lots of heart-warming stories on the calendar to be inspired by. Your story doesn’t have to be about something that you are going to do – it might be an act of kindness that you have already given, witnessed or received. In our increasingly complex world where there are issues of displacement and integration, as well as intolerance towards others, kindness is something that can connect us all. So whatever your story, past, present or future, please take action and share the kindness. Badges only

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