August 16, 2016

The second of Nicky Thompson’s beach hut reflections.

On Sunday the sun set on Hut 136 at the end of a wonderful two weeks.

This time has given me space to breathe. The first week I had Swedish Quilt Artist Tamara Schultz with me for company, we spent lots of time throwing creative ideas backwards and forwards, diving into imaginative ‘what ifs?’ designing artists’ books, and chatting about the inconsequential everyday stuff that is actually very important. I also ran the ‘Write on the Beach’ workshop, which you can read about here.

The second week, after Tamara had gone, was more about quiet reflection and free writing. Staring out to sea, out towards that distant horizon, I could feel my brain begin to unwind and stretch into new directions. I spent time free writing, just scribbling without worrying about shaping things into ‘poetry’, and I now have a lot of raw material that maybe I can polish. It almost doesn’t matter, I can feel space in my head for ideas to grow and evolve, and that was what I really needed.

IMG_8216 (2)

IMG_8218 (2)









IMG_8250 (2)

IMG_8262 (2)








I’d like to say a huge thank you to People United for the use of their hut, it has been a truly treasured experience.

To book your time at Hut 136, download the application form here.

People United’s Beach Hut 136 is available for individuals and community groups to use free of charge. Please visit our Beach Hut page for more information.

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