September 8, 2016

Kindness Superhero Rainbows & Brownies

People United supported the Ramsgate West Brownies and Rainbows to complete their Kindness Challenge Badges as part of The Best of Us project in Newington. Becky, our project and admin assistant shares her highlights with you below.

DSCN0039 - CopyI had a really great time with the Rainbows and Brownies while they compled the Kindness Challenge Badge. We played games, drew comics, made a film and wrote letters to accomplish each of the four sections that make up the badge.


DSCN0016Each week we would talk in a group about kind moments the Rainbows or Brownies had experienced or thought about recently. One of my favourite moments was with the Rainbows; we had a conversation about what the word ‘global’ means (when we were thinking about the global kindness section). One of them announced:

“The words global kindness mean looking after the world and everything in it. Especially the baby giraffes.” Although it made us all giggle- she was spot on!

DSCN0056For the global kindness section of the badge the Brownies wrote letters for a website which collects letters from across the world and sends them in bundles to recipients in need of a boost. In their letters they sent notes such as; “Your smile is great!“ and “I hope all your days from now on are filled with love”
Brownie 1 aFor the last part of the challenge each girlguide set a pledge to be kind in the future and drew a picture of this on the back of their booklets. You’ll be able to find some of the pledges on People United’s online gallery of kindness stories-  our Kindness Calendar,

Reoccurring themes of our conversations were about looking after baby brothers (they all seemed to have one!), pets and being nice to friends. As the chats continued they did begin to think further afield than people they already knew, for example the Brownies had a fantastic group conversation about why it was kind to give food and blankets to the homeless.

From the beginning, each of the girlguides spoke confidently about how kindness was being nice to people, but as we completed each of the sections they became more aware of the effects of kindness on both others and themselves. Ruby said

“It makes you feel good inside and it makes them look happy on the outside, they smile and they are happy because you were nice to them.”

The Rainbows particularly enjoyed creating a film about what kindness meant to them, they recorded each other answering questions such as “ What is the kindest thing you’ve done for someone else” By making this short film they completed the discover kindness section of the badge.


Well done to all of the girlguides who achieved their Kindness Challenge Badge at Ramsgate West!



To find out more about the Kindness Challenge Badge please click here 



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