October 30, 2017

To celebrate World Kindness Day on Monday 13th November 2017 People United has given away ten LED neon ‘be kind’ signs across the UK including: a hospital on the Isle of Bute, Scotland; a Girlguiding group in Merseyside; a community cafe in Wiltshire; and a library in East Yorkshire. 

The ten lucky recipients of the neon signs applied to People United describing how they would use the ‘be kind’ sign on World Kindness Day and what kindness challenges they would give themselves. This includes:

Paintings in Hospitals based on Southwark Street, London applied to the ‘be kind’ campaign after the June 2017 terrorist attack at Borough Market.

Their sign, which will be visible both inside and outside, will be suspended in one of the large Southwark Street windows in the landmark Menier Chocolate factory. The street sees between 1,500/2,500 cars pass every hour and approximately 1,500 people per hour walk by. They said:

We would like to offer a small reminder to the thousands of people who pass our window that this is the kind of place where we look after each other.”

Their challenge is to thank all their supporters, care partners, artists and donors and their colleagues for their hard work. They’ll also be thanking the community around them who support them every day.

The 10 ‘be kind’ signs

The Olive Tree Community Café in Swindon, a busy, vibrant community cafe which provides meaningful work opportunities for people recovering from mental health illnesses, will display their sign behind the cafe counter reminding staff and customers to ‘be kind’.

Their challenge will be to celebrate kindness with some beautiful art work, specific messages around the café to encourage small acts of kindness and a kindness pot where volunteers can issue an act of kindness such as giving a free coffee. Up to 1,400 customers a week will see the sign.

The ten locations where you can see one of People United’s LED neon ‘be kind’ signs are:

Alongside the ten LED neon ‘be kind’ signs there will be many other ‘be kind’ posters and pictures being displayed by individuals, groups and organisations on World Kindness Day. Look out for them taped to front doors, placed in office windows and attached to fences. Join the be kind revolution yourself, with free ‘be kind’ posters and customisable templates available here.

To make the ‘be kind’ campaign spread far and wide, People United asks those who have made their own sign, or sees one of their special giveaway neon signs, to share it on social media by tagging @people_united #BeKindSigns on Instagram Twitter and Facebook.

We think kindness is radical- read our new research report Changing the World through Arts and Kindness

  1. This is amazing! My name is Tanisha Smith and I have a non profit called Helping Hands, Change Hearts here in California. HHCH has partnered with a give back boutique in Gig Harbor Washington to spread the be Kind messages across the US. I was online looking for signage and came across this article. I would like to order a sign but also, discuss partnering up to continue what you’ve started. We have a staple be kind sweater that we will be giving out to people who are displaying acts of kindness (with the help of nominations we are gathering currently). I’d love to learn more about what you are still doing with the be kind movement and see if we can help spread your message which is the same as out message.

    • Hi Tanisha, great to hear from you. Thanks for leaving a comment. We’d love to talk to you more. Can you email us at [email protected] so we can pick up the conversation directly? It might be after the Christmas break at this point, today is our last day in the office until 6th Jan. Best wishes, Charlotte.

      People United (Author)

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