September 3, 2018

In this blog Sarah Cole and Annis Joslin share some reflections and thoughts on preparing for an interim event for the Self-Identity Artist Commission

Testing Ground

We have collectively agreed to test some of the work we have made so far on a ‘friendly audience’ in a few weeks’ time. We are going to use the Kemsley Community Centre as a venue and set up videos and place live moments, performative actions, so that we can better see and share what we have been doing and understand how it is communicating.

There is potential for the absurd, magical, broken and beautiful. We already have cracked eggs, smashed plates, drawn shadows, giant cuddly bears, gallows humour and a ‘f***-it-bucket’.

It feels a little too soon to be doing this interim event, but we have been able to generate a lot of material as the women are very focused and articulate with their ideas and experiences. It is also a lot of work to bring all the elements together; seven videos in all (with AV needing to be sourced) plus material installations, live actions and set up. We ask ourselves why are we doing this? And the answer is:

  1. It will help everyone to see what we have been doing as something beyond the experience of making it / being in it.
  2. It is an opportunity to bring elements together to create a new conversation.
  3. It is a gentle introduction to letting others in to the work, a first step in to going public – e.g. our audience will be family, friends, women form a partner survivors group, the wider team at People United.
  4. It is a chance for the artists to collate the images and words before taking a break and returning in September with a more resolved outcome in sight.

6 July 2018, Sarah Cole & Annis Joslin

People United Artist Commission: Self-Identity in association with Joining Hands, Joining Hearts and Optivo

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