January 8, 2019

People United and community group Joining Hands, Joining Hearts co-commissioned artists Sarah Cole and Annis Joslin to work on a project exploring Self-Identity.  Joining Hands, Joining Hearts is a support group for victims and survivors of sexual and domestic abuse who aim to help dis-empowered and isolated women through emotional and practical support.

Over the last six-months Sarah and Annis have worked alongside the women through fun, tears and joy and in response to their experience Sarah and Annis have created a collection of six short videos titled ‘Messy Business.’ In December 2018 the project was shown at a successful private screening in Sittingbourne with project partners, family and friends experiencing the work for the first time. We are incredibly proud of the journeys the participants and the artists have been on and the amazing work they have created and although the commission has come to a close, the project will live on in various guises in the coming year.

For more information about this commission please click here.

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