February 27, 2019

At People United we often work with young people and our we love to celebrate and recognise their achievements. One way we do this,  is through the Arts Award framework as an Arts Award centre. Over the past few months we have been investigating the possibility of creating a really useful resource to help young people achieve the  Arts Awards in Discover and Explore with the theme of kindness. To do this we enlisted the help of a youth group called Chill Club in Newington, Ramsgate to test ideas and help design two fun and inspiring logbooks.

In Autumn of 2018 our Project Coordinator Becky Vincer started visiting Chill Club on Monday nights to explore how the young people could be inspired by work that combines arts and kindness. This youth group is one of the legacies of People United’s neighbourhood project- The Best of Us and is led by artist Nova Marshall. The group aims to engage children and young people in the arts and provide opportunities for them to lead social action projects that benefit their local communities.

For six months Becky visited Chill Club regularly to lead workshops, introducing the young people to new ways of making artwork and learning about artists through creative play. We wanted to group to be involved in the design process so we invited illustrator Jan Wheatley to work collaboratively with the group to gather content, create drawings, give feedback and share ideas. These logbooks will be launched in the Spring of 2019 and will be free to use.

People United are really excited to be an Arts Award centre and we look forward to sharing more of this project with you. Check out our current resources for children and young people here.

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