March 8, 2019

There are far too many inspirational women out there to count, but here at People United we have collected 10 examples of the women who are inspiring us and spurring us on to be the best we can be!


Nigel Poor inspiring Stacie Lee Bennett-Worth

Nigel is a internationally exhibited visual artist whose work explores the traces we leave behind of our existence. In 2011 she began volunteering at San Quentin State Prison as a volunteer teacher. From there, Ear Hustle podcast was born. ‘Ear Hustle brings you stories of life inside prison, shared and produced by those living it.’ She founded the podcast with Earlonne Woods, a now formerly incarcerated inmate at San Quentin. Following this collaboration, California Governor Jerry Brown commuted Woods’ sentence in 2018 as he felt ‘he had demonstrated his commitment to turning his life around and leaving violence behind.’ Nigel’s work and approach has been instrumental in giving those who want to change a voice and element of freedom in the outside world!

Listen to Ear Hustle here.


Helen Marriage from Artichoke inspiring Liz Flynn

I’ve been following Artichoke’s work for years and have heard Helen speak a few times- she’s a total inspiration. I don’t think people truly appreciate just how incredibly complicated the production for something like the Sultan’s Elephant must have been, never mind for it to have also been such a memorable event. I can’t imagine the difficult negotiations Helen must have managed, I can only hope to be as impressive one day!



Jane from Jane Eyre inspiring Liz Flynn

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.”

Oh Jane! She’s wild and stubborn, full of pride and fiercely independent. She’s madly in love with Rochester but won’t give him the satisfaction of telling him. She’s one of my favourite literary characters and a total inspiration.

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J K Rowling inspiring Charlotte Guy

J K Rowling was a single mother skipping meals so her kids could eat when she started writing Harry Potter. The book series has now sold over 500 million copies – the best selling series in history! Harry Potter has had a big influence on my life and so many people’s in a massively positive way, and continues to do so. She became the world’s first billionaire author but then lost her billionaire status by giving so much money away to charity. She also launched her own charity “Lumos.” Despite her fame and fortune she has remained true to herself and manages to keep a relatively private life.

Photo: Artem Maltsev on Unsplash


Jo March from Little Women inspiring Liz Flynn

 “I’m happy as I am, and love my liberty too well to be in a hurry to give it up for any mortal man.”

Jo inspired teenage me to lop off my hair, wear my men’s trousers (the only thing that could fit my long limbs) with pride and sit in trees champing apples and reading books. Jo seems tough but is a total softy, always caring for her family and friends.

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Mari Andrew inspiring Stacie Lee Bennett-Worth

Mari Andrew is an illustrator and writer from New York. Her illustrated literary work ‘Am I there yet? The Loop-de-loop, Zigzagging Journey to Adulthood’ talks love, life, trauma and the often chaotic path to figuring out who we are.

She celebrates imperfections in creativity and her work speaks across generations and beyond borders. This work, Life in three acts, came at a poignant time when Mari was diagnosed with a debilitating illness. She uses art as a way to channel her emotions and through Instagram allows others to engage with the work that often explores difficult topics but with a sense of lightness and thoughtful sensitivity.



Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller inspiring Liz Flynn

What a duo! If there was ever a moment when you felt like you couldn’t do something, just remember what these two ladies managed together. Helen also advocated that:

“helping your fellow men are one’s only excuse for being in this world, and in the doing of things to help one’s fellows lay the secret of lasting happiness.”

Exactly Helen, I hope we’re carrying on your good work!



Phoebe Waller-Bridge inspiring Stacie Lee Bennett-Worth

An actor, writer and producer, Phoebe makes hard hitting, real and properly funny TV. Her work captures a myriad of emotions and delves deep into the facets of human psychology.

Fleabag – a comedy currently airing on BBC Three – is a turbulent tale of modern life and a work that Phoebe developed to surprise the audience. “The power of comedy is astonishing to me – how it can disarm an audience and leave them wide open and vulnerable.” And her cool, clever writing, does just that! It makes you feel stuff;  from causing mascara smearing tears to full-on belly laughs! Carry on Pheeb’s,  you’re ace!

Photo: Poppys Papercuts


Frida Kahlo inspiring Charlotte Guy

Frida went through a lot of trauma in her life, but never stopped working as an activist and artist. She contracted Polio as a child and was involved in a serious traffic accident as a teenager which left her with lifelong pain and ongoing medical problems, but despite her traumatic life she is one of the world’s most celebrated female artists and a feminist icon. A true inspiration.

Photo: Joshua Cole on Unsplash


Emma @ Pot yer tits away luv inspiring Stacie Lee Bennett-Worth

After quitting her job, following a 10 week night course in pottery, Emma now makes personalised ‘tit’ pots to ‘celebrate real bodies and support body neutrality.’ Her approach to her audience is open and unapologetically real and in an age of highly edited social media streams, Emma is a refreshing and body positive presence!

Photo: Instagram

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