August 13, 2019

We are excited to release a brand new animated short film created by Beavers and Cub ScoutsIt is all about the stories told by 6-10 year olds when asked ‘what is an important act of kindness? 

The stop-motion animation is a compilation of short stories where kind deeds are played out by all sorts of characters from space dogs to rollerblading pals. The Beaver and Cub Scouts reflected on acts of kindness they do regularly to form the story lines. Everyday things like – making cups of tea for Grandad appear alongside imaginative tales of red panda friends sheltering from the rain together 

The films highlights both small and large acts of kindness which make a difference to people and places. The young people thought it was important to spread messages of; working together, being a good friend, saying kind words, donating to food banks and ditching plastic. The narratives celebrate and promote key values such as being generous, helpful, caring, responsible and compassionate. 

The stop-motion characters were moulded from plasticine or drawn and manoeuvred by the young people in one-hour workshops with artist and animator Sue Bridge as part of our Scouting for Kindness event.  

We are writing a case study about the Scouting for Kindness project to support future work on arts and kindness with young people. We are keen to extend this project further with The Scout Association, if you’d like to work with us please get in touch with Becky for a chat:  [email protected]  




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