November 13, 2019

We formally launched our third research report at our symposium on Tuesday 12th November 2019, and we have now launched it online. And better yet, it is FREE to download. 

This has been a long time in the making and we are very proud of the voices and perspectives that have shaped this report and we hope that you enjoy it. 

An introduction to our new report Taking Care, The Art of Kindness by People United CEO, Janice McGuinness.

Taking Care is the third report in People United’s trilogy of arts and kindness publications. It aims to show our participatory arts methodology and capture our working processes from a range of perspectives.

To accompany Taking Care, we’ve produced a companion resource, Navigating with Kindness, an artist-designed, metaphorical map that reflects the varied terrains a participatory project might take us through. Together with its accompanying prompt cards, we hope this resource can be useful to arts and community practitioners when weaving kindness into their own project planning.

We inhabit a challenging social, political and environmental landscape. Every day we witness and experience increasing polarisation and social fragmentation. The world, our country and the communities we live in can often feel divided and disconnected. We need to think about kindness more than ever, not just as something soft and warm, but as something radical, strong and brave.

At People United, we focus on how we can live well in the world together, tapping into people’s potential for kindness. This doesn’t mean we avoid challenging or complex subjects and situations, quite the opposite: our creative projects embrace the light, shade and complexities of what it means to be human – but whatever the circumstances, starting with positivity and openness is an integral part of our ethos, values and way of working.

We’re a small organisation in the context of the sector’s rich tapestry, but we aim to be a catalyst, activating ripples of kindness and positive action far and wide. One of the ways we do this is by contributing to wider research and provoking conversations about how the arts can help to create a more kind and caring society.

To continue reading this introduction and see our other resources please click here. Or to download Taking Care find the link below.


Taking Care, The Art of Kindness Taking Care aims to show our participatory arts methodology and capture our working process from a range of perspectives. Download

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