November 7, 2019

In its 21st year, International World Kindness Day is a recognised movement celebrated once a year on November 13th. It is a day for sharing inspirational stories of kindness, globally, and highlighting the strength of empathy, community and compassion especially in times of conflict and disconnect.

It is a symbolic date in the People United calendar and often marks the beginning of an exciting new campaign where we celebrate the impact of our research in arts and kindness by sharing resources and offering ways for others to get involved and be part of the movement.

In previous years we have challenged the public to commit to a year of kind acts, observing how it changes their perspective and share why they are proud to be kind. We’ve asked people to be art activists by creating be kind signs and hang them up in their schools, offices and homes. We also awarded several organisations bespoke People United neon Be Kind signs as part of our campaign to spread the kindness message.

World Kindness Day 2019

This year is no different. On 12th November, People United will be holding their very first Provoking Change symposium, with international speakers, round table discussions and the creation of a World Kindness Day pledge that each delegate will commit to as part of the event.

Provoking Change: the arts & kindness conversation (#provokingchange19) will mark the beginning of a new chapter of People United’s history with the launch of our third research report and resource sharing our unique methodology and approach to working with arts and kindness.

As part of the event we will be generating several World Kindness Day pledges (#kindpledge19) that we will be opening up to the public. Please get involved and help us commit to maker 2020 the year of kindness.

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