May 29, 2020

People United is interested in exploring the kinds of positive place-based interventions that create or support connectedness and encourage kindness.

This is an opportunity to spend a day or two imagining and designing new visual and physical creative artworks, objects, and interventions that could positively influence human behaviour in shared spaces.


Kind Places & Spaces

People United want to explore the positive impact that art and design interventions can have in communities.

We will commission 3 to 5 proposals which will showcase ideas for visual or physical prompts/artwork/interventions that might help to: encourage pro-social intentions, spread positive messages and/or bring people together. These interventions might be large or small, but in some way, they should reimagine or reframe community spaces or aim to positively influence our experiences, exchanges or behaviours.

We welcome ideas suitable for any open access community spaces which might include streets, green spaces, lampposts, billboards, pavements, car parks, bus/train stations, outside school gates, outside/inside public buildings etc.

For example:

  • alternative street signage encouraging acts of kindness
  • seat/bench/waiting area that sparks conversation between strangers
  • a podcast to listen to on a walk about prompting open-mindedness and encouraging positive interaction with a place
  • A poem about empathy to be printed on a supermarket conveyor belt or similar

At this stage we are looking to commission imaginative design ideas, models or artworks that can be shared with online audiences as thought-provoking concepts that will encourage discussion and debate.

We are not commissioning designs to actually build/make/install work in physical spaces.

So, thinking of the examples above, your proposal might be to spend time creating an annotated architectural drawing for a conversation bench (but you would not make or install the bench). You might use the time to write a poem and show how it could look on a supermarket conveyor belt or Perspex screen. Or you might propose something for people to download at home such as a podcast or poster.

The commissioned ideas will be showcased on People United’s website and social media channels.  We hope to secure funding in the future to develop some of the commissioned ideas further.

We encourage ideas that are:

  • accessible and inclusive
  • playful, imaginative and engaging
  • hopeful, dreams for the future, uninhibited by current social distancing measures adaptable to suit cities, towns and communities across the UK, of all sizes and demographics
  • have the potential to be developed/realised as part of a future project

The fee for the commissions will be between £175– £750 depending on the proposal, and we ask that you submit a short budget outlining your fee/costs. Please be realistic and apply for an amount that reflects the scale of your proposal. We hope this approach enables and encourages a wide range of submissions, from quick sketches and seeds of ideas to more time consuming, complex proposals.

If you have any questions about the brief please contact Becky Vincer, Creative Programmes Coordinator [email protected]


  • Submit your idea by Sunday 28 June, 2020
  • Successful applicants will need to complete work within 2-4 weeks of being notified, date to be agreed with People United.

Support & Access

We are Disability Confident Committed and an equal opportunities employer. We welcome applications from all sections of the community.

This document is available in large print and other formats by emailing [email protected]. Please bear in mind we may need a few days to arrange this facility. If you need help to read this document, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to apply

  • Please download and read the full brief availabe here in word or pdf format.
  • People United welcomes submissions in any artform
    (providing it can be shared online e.g. images/videos/text)
  • You must be based in the UK and be over 16 to apply
  • You do not have to be a professional artist to apply, if you are a creative person with a great idea then we want to hear from you!
  • We recommend that you save your answers to the questions in a word document and copy them into the form as it is not possible to save the form halfway through an application.
  • You can answer the questions in video format if you prefer.

Application form:

Deadline: Sunday 28 June, 2020

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash


Kind Canterbury is funded & supported by:

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  1. Thanks for giving this space for creative ideas. Like you, I am hunting for ideas for perfect utilisation of the outdoor space at home. A patio and plant bed is in the discussion. I love to have a patio. It is like an extended space of our home, and you get to entertain guests there which sounds really good.

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