July 27, 2020

A couple of months ago People United published an open call for creative ideas for our Kind Places & Spaces initiative, which will explore the positive impact that creative art & design interventions can have, with a particular focus on how they might: spread positive messages, bring people together and encourage communities to think and behave in a pro-social way.

We invited applicants to spend time thinking about and designing innovative ideas that could reframe or reimage positive community spaces, and we were overwhelmed with the variety and imagination of proposals we received. Over 50 individuals and collectives shared their ideas with us and their submissions were of such a high quality that we have decided to invest more in the programme so that we could commission six exciting proposals.

Over the next two weeks we will be announcing the artists and individuals who have been selected, as well as giving you an initial insight into their ideas.

Throughout August our kind creatives will be researching, reflecting, designing, and creating so check back later to discover where their imagination has taken them.

Amanda Moore

A green square with text "Kind Places and Spaces" "Amanda Moore" Photo of a woman, cropped so that you can see her head and shoulders. She has long curly brown hair and is smiling at the camera









Tell us why you are interested in Kind Places & Spaces
As an architect and artist, I want to make public spaces inclusive and encourage user activity. The Covid-19 safety measures have been set up as a kind act to protect people, but they have also felt prohibitive. I wanted the opportunity to subvert this, so I applied to People United’s Kind Places & Spaces call for Creative Ideas.

Tell us about your Creative Idea
I will design playful temporary street markings which promote conversation, physical engagement with public spaces and the choreography of people, while supporting social distancing. I aim to create a toolkit with design ideas and materials that could be used anywhere, by community venues or individuals.



Rob Young

A green image that says "Kind places and spaces" "Rob Young"

A photo of a man sitting on a two-seater sofa. He is leaning forwards with his elbows resting on his knees, his hands clasped together and he is smiling at the camera

Photo by Ted Young










Tell us why you are interested in Kind Places & Spaces
This is a wonderful initiative and, in my opinion, what the arts are for. People often think of the arts as a hobby, a frivolous add-on once the ‘real work’ is done, but the truth is, they are our most efficient way of communicating the human condition.

Tell us more about your Creative Idea
I am going to spend the time thinking about how we might transform an empty retail outlet into a ‘Shop of Kindness’, a place where people can go for help – not like a Citizens Advice Bureau, but a free, human and humane skills exchange. For example- Do you need a poem for your Nan but can’t write so good? – Then we know the person who can help you. Kindness would be the currency, but it is given for free, to help people bloom.

www.robyoung.info @R0BY0UNG


Jemma Channing

A green image that says "Kind places and spaces" "Jemma Channing"   A photo of a woman standing next to artwork. The artwork is a white rectangle of fabric with smaller black squares, each with a red letter on it, spelling out the phrase "We learn to tell stories in Margate because that's all we've got"







Tell us why you are interested in *Kind Places & Spaces*
Navigating back into physical spaces will be challenging for communities, who are starting to readjust after months of socially distancing.  The lockdown has resulted in increased levels of loneliness, which will potentially become more widespread without innovative solutions. Having Kind Places & Spaces provides creative, accessible and fun ways to reconnect.

Tell us about your Creative Idea
I am going to design Kindness Dispensers. These will be simple dispensing machines which provide the user with a free ticket, giving them a task or an idea for an act of kindness to carry out. The dispensers could be placed in public locations such as parks, beaches and playgrounds, designed to be used by everyone, of all ages.

www.jemmachanning.co.uk @JemchanOT @jemmachanning

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