When: Monday 30 July 2018, 12-2pm

Location: Woodlands meeting room, University of Kent, Giles Lane, Woodlands, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NZ
As you enter Woodlands buidling, the room is the first door on the left.
Public Transport & Parking: www.kent.ac.uk/transport/index.html

For our last APRG (Arts and Prosocial Behavior Research Group) meeting of this academic year we are joining up with GroupLab. GroupLab is the research group in the Centre for the Study of Group Processes, of which APRG is a branch.

We thought this joint session would provide everyone with a great opportunity to hear about each other’s work. Excitingly, this means that there will be two speakers on this occasion! On behalf of the APRG, we have Annette Foster, a Performance Artist and PhD researcher from the School of Arts, who will be talking to us about her research exploring the experiences, perceptions and languages of autistic women, non-binary and trans people. Annette’s talk will include demonstrations of the creative ways in which she explores others’ experiences in her workshops, so I am sure it will be a unique and engaging presentation for us all! Please see below for further information on Annette’s talk.

Adventures of super Autie Grrl: A Practice as research Project

This project is a practice as research investigation, using live art, gender theory and participatory community research to explore the experiences, perceptions and languages of autistic women, nonbinary and trans people.

The research is situated in a context in which the dominant paradigms are male with diagnostic criteria based on male subjects and the majority of autism research reflecting the 4:1 male/female gender ratio. As a consequence there is very little known about autistic women, nonbinary trans and other people (AWNBTO).

Autism research is dominated by a pathological model, which is being challenged in the context of disability studies. My research addresses these gaps by moving beyond the binaries of  biomedical approaches, using creative research methods to identify key features of this under researched population.

I am currently running workshops with Autistic university students looking at articulating their experience through alternative languages, experienced through the senses. Many of the workshops will be focused on the senses and creative explorations of how it looks/feels/smells/tastes/sounds like to be an autistic woman, nonbinary or trans person. I am currently experimenting with the participants looking to explore other forms of autistic communication that do not involve language including; gesture especially in relation to stimming which is really a untapped form of authentic autistic communication, authentic autistic sound (such as vocal stimming) and also the use of favourite objects to creatively communicate and share autistic experiences.

 I have developed a 1hr 15min solo performance art piece titled, Adventures of Super Autie Grrl that creatively describes my experience of being a late diagnosed autistic person thorough performance and live art, video, costume and sound. This is informed by my research project with other autistic people and I aim for the piece to be developed to include other voices and co-produce a part 2 : Adventures of the Super Autie Gang I aim for my projects to give voice to as many women, non-binary, trans people as possible.  Working to try and dispel the stereotypes about autistic people. I feel strongly that the next generation of autistic people should have a variety of autistic role models to look up to and identify with.

For more information about this event please contact [email protected] or to join the APRG mailing list contact l.spinner@kent.ac.uk