“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.”
-Lucius Annaeus Seneca

This call to action is for everyone who feels that the world needs a bit more kindness. Whether they belong to a school, a neighborhood, a group of friends or want to act individually the ‘be kind’ campaign has no boundaries.

The ‘be kind’ campaign is focusing on World Kindness Day on Monday 13th November 2017, and aims to create a ‘be kind’ revolution with signs popping up across the UK to support this call to action.

To participate, individuals or groups can create their own ‘be kind’ sign using their favourite materials and making it as big or as small as they wish – it can be beautiful, silly, jolly, elaborate or simple. The important thing is that it’s placed where lots of people will see it on World Kindness Day e.g. taped to the front door, placed in an office window or attached to a fence. More ideas can also be found on People United’s Pinterest board 

Customise a template
To help with creative ways to make a ‘be kind’ sign, People United have engaged illustrator and children’s author Kate Willis Crowley to create three magnificent drawings with the words ‘be kind’ which can be downloaded for free to colour-in and customise. One design features lemurs working together to hold up the words ‘be kind’, another has the words ‘be kind’ within a bunch of flowers and the third has the words ‘be kind’ in the clouds with a flock of birds.
Templates can be downloaded here

Download a poster
Photographer Jason Pay has created unique posters with the words ‘be kind’ in neon over a range of beautiful backgrounds including a forest, the sea, an antiques shop, a car park and a theatre. This set of five posters can be downloaded here.

Share your ‘be kind’ sign with the world
On World Kindness Day we want to see your artwork! Share photos of your handmade signs with us on social media by tagging @people_united#BeKindSigns on Monday 13 November 2017.

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