As part of our new initiative, Kind Canterbury, we are excited to launch our new participatory project called ‘My Happy Memory’, which has been designed for you take part in from home.

Kind Canterbury is all about celebrating the individuals, communities and institutions that are showing great kindness and acting with true altruism during this challenging time. It will also consider the way things have changed and how all of us, from individuals to institutions, can keep the momentum of kindness, empathy and community spirit going beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

Our first online event, My Happy Memory, will document and describe what kindness looks like for people in Canterbury today.

You are invited to share acts of kindness you’ve experienced or enacted, or to tell the story of a place where you feel you are treated kindly.

We are working with our associate artist Nova Marshall who will bring together your stories and images to create an amazing digital artwork made by you. Nova will be highlighting commonalities and illuminating the kind people and places of the Canterbury district.

We don’t know what the final artwork will look like yet as we’re waiting to hear your stories and see your images, but we know it will create a beautiful record of your  gratitude to people and places who are making a difference to you – and it may inspire even more kindness.

How to Join In

1. Get Creative

This is your opportunity to celebrate kindness of all scales, from the organisations doing great things to keep us healthy to the volunteer who just called to see if you were okay. It might even be something you really miss – a place where you always felt welcome and look forward to returning to in the future. This is about your happy memories.

  • Tell your story of kindness in Canterbury through any creative format
    It might be a photo, video, drawing or something else. You might draw a picture of generosity in the supermarket; write down the story of a colleague being caring; or sing a song about a time a stranger in the street made you feel good about the world. It’s up to you!
  • You do not have to be an artist to take part!
    All styles and interpretations are very welcome.
    You could spend 2 minutes on a doodle or take your time to create something spectacular.
  • Share your creation with us
    Upload your submission to your Facebook, twitter or Instagram account, using the hashtag  #KindCanterbury and tagging People United by Sunday 26 April 2020.
    Alternatively, you can email your submission to People United at [email protected].
  • We’ll repost some of your images on social  media, and Nova will incorporate all your creativity into a collaborative piece that belongs to all of you.

2. Online Survey

Another way to contribute is to fill in our short form below where you can tell us about your experience of kindness in and around Canterbury. We’ll even post you a button badge later in the year as a thank-you for taking part!

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If you have any questions about Kind Canterbury or My Happy Memory, please contact Becky, Creative Programmes Coordinator at [email protected]

Photos on this page:
Jason Pay, Becky Vincer and Stacie Lee Bennett-Worth. People United.
Daria Tumanova & Alex Jones. Unsplash.

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