Last  year we commissioned artists Sarah Cole and Annis Joslin to work with a small charity in Kent, Joining Hands Joining Hearts, who support survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. The resulting videos, Messy Business, will form the backdrop to their work at Fabrica.

The artists will use this time together to experiment with performance, video and installation, exploring ideas that emerged from Messy Business, of co-dependence, silence and agency. Their aim is to generate new material, that deepens their engagement with this subject and the ways that art work about violence can engage people to think about this aspect of their own lives and self-care. The original work made as part of their People United ‘Self-Identity’ commission will be shown alongside whatever is made during the residency, and will end in a full showing and an ‘in conversation’ discussion with Fabrica’s Liz Whitehead.

Full sharing:
INSTALLATION VIEW: Thursday 21 March 4pm – 6pm

Join the artists and Liz Whitehead, Fabrica Director, as they discuss their work and process:  IN CONVERSATION: Thursday 21 March 6pm – 7:15pm