Best Fest

In October 2015 and July 2016 Creative Champions from People United’s  The Best of Us project programmed two community arts festivals to bring people together. Best Fest is now an annual free community arts festival full of art, music and fun activities for the whole community to take part in, led by Newington Big Local.

New Town: Under Construction

This year People United will be at Best Fest 2018 creating a 3d map of all the great things in Newington, Ramsgate as part of our research for our next community project.

We’ll be asking you to tell us about all of the great things in Newington by making your favourite place or thing from the area out of craft materials and adding it to our giant 3d map. We’ll also be challenging you to come up with something completely new for the community. You can dream big and add anything to the map- so long as it has a benefit to other people and not just you!

Best Fest
Saturday 7 July, 1-5pm
On the green behind Newington Community Centre, Princess Margaret Avenue, Ramsgate CT12 6HX