Come join us at Tate Exchange 2019:


29 MAY 2019 AT 12.00–18.00
30 MAY 2019 AT 12.00–18.00
31 MAY 2019 AT 12.00–18.00

What is your happiest memory? Take time to reflect in our dome, let you mind wander. Then help us to build the chemical structure of oxytocin by drawing your happy memory; this could be about a place, a time, a person – you decide!

This years Tate Exchange asks us to explore the theme of movement

What does the word ‘movement’ make you think of? A journey? A performance? People coming together to make change? All of the above? Movement may be political, physical or emotional – or all of these.

Through a series of interactive performances, pop up protests, storytelling and workshops we will look at both the political and psychological effects of the journey of movement; arriving, staying, leaving and sometimes escaping, our memories and associations with space and how this leads to our sense of longing and belonging.

We will explore and question the boundaries of place whether private or public; at what point do we feel we can make up the rules? Why do you stay, why do you leave? If you leave, what do you take with you, what do you leave behind? What objects remind you of the place you call home? Is this a community or particular place?

How does your behaviour change in different spaces? How do you behave at home, at work, in public spaces? When are you in your happiest space and what memories do you associate with those places? When you think of a happy place, how does it make you feel and behave?

Photo: Lance Grandahl (Unsplash)