The next APRG session takes place on  Monday, 28th January, 12-2pm  in Eliot Hall at The University of Kent.

Excitingly, this session will take on a different format to previous ones, as the speaker, Adam James (an artist and PhD researcher), will be hosting a non-verbal larp (live action role-play) workshop for us to take part in, as Adam uses larps as a tool for encouraging new forms of pro-social behaviour.

Over 90 minutes, James will lead the group through a series of interconnected physical exercises in which we will develop collective characters and fiction before playing a short game in which the characters meet. The larp uses the poetic, abstract or oblique relationships between inanimate things as a tool for discussing the everyday relationships we have with others. James will discuss the structure of a larp, its applicability within pedagogical, social and arts institutions such as Tate, and the opportunity it affords for bridging difference and encouraging creativity.

There will be a section afterwards where James talks about his upcoming commission with the Wellcome Collection as well as scheduled time for questions. No prior experience necessary, all ages and abilities welcome. This is a physical workshop in which you will be invited to move around a space in close proximity to others. Please dress in clothes will allow you to move around.

Adam James (b. 1978) is a British artist. At the heart of his practice is a desire to bring people together in order to understand the self and to open up new ways of being and interacting. He uses non-verbal play to encourage forms of dialogue, mediation and the reconsideration of sameness and difference. James makes sculptural objects, drawings, photographs, videos and texts that all arise from his steadfast involvement in the performative practice of live action role-play (larp).

Please get in touch if you would like to know more.