We would like you to be part of a conversation about the civic role of arts organisations and are inviting you on behalf of What Next? to an event happening at Canterbury Innovation Centre on Wednesday 23rd November, from 10am – 12pm.

What Next? is a movement bringing people together to articulate, champion and strengthen the role of culture in our society.

What Next? is working with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Institute of Cultural Capital (ICC) on an Inquiry into the Civic Role of Arts Organisations. The first phase of the Inquiry (until December 2016) will focus on research, mapping the landscape, defining what we mean by ‘civic’ and the ‘civic role’ and identifying examples of existing great practice.

As part of their engagement with the Inquiry, there are several different discussions going on around the country with different cohorts of people.

On Wednesday 23rd November, in partnership with People United and What Next? Kentwe will be at the Canterbury Innovation Centre and would love to invite you to take part. We will be testing out the definition that the research team is putting together and talking about some examples of activity that you admire. We want to find out what you think the civic role could and should be. What are your own motivations – and barriers? What are your favourite examples of arts organisation’s civic work?

The aim is that the Inquiry will craft recommendations as to how this civic role can be strengthened through policy change and practical support so these workshops are a really vital opportunity to get different voices heard. You can read more about the Inquiry here: http://civicroleartsinquiry.gulbenkian.org.uk/

Please RSVP via this link if you are interested and available to join us: Eventbrite you will need this password: (password: whatnextculture) 

It would be fantastic to have you there if you can make it.