A set of 7 cards with hand-drawn illustrations on them. The largest in the centre has a drawing of a bench on the beach looking out over the sea and the setting sun
Navigating with Kindness by Lydia Bevan
23 March 2022

People United announce Navigating with Kindness Anthology

Marking two years since the UK’s initial COVID-19 lockdown, People United has published Navigating With Kindness - an anthology compiling the original series of work commissioned throughout the unprecedented spring and summer of 2020.
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Using prompts from People United’s Navigating With Kindness cards, artists, makers, charity workers, authors and many others from across multiple disciplines were invited to share their experience of finding kindness within the uncertainty of a global pandemic.

People United’s Navigating with Kindness anthology serves as a poignant time capsule, capturing the myriad ways in which kindness can manifest in the most challenging of times. Each commission offers a unique, first-hand experience of developing connections, both within local communities and the wider world.

The Navigating with Kindness anthology compiles 15 reflections in the form of visual art, prose, poetry and video created in direct response to the COVID-19 crisis. Two years later in the face of an on-going pandemic, war in Europe and a cost of living crisis set to hit the most vulnerable in our society, the defiant and hopeful message of the Navigating with Kindness series is seemingly now more pertinent than ever.

Read Navigating with Kindness now.